Darklight Huntsmen

Starting the Warband

My friendly local gaming story is starting a Path to Glory campaign soon. I was asked to come up with a 750 point starting force for this campaign by the the owner. I said, “Sure thing!” After all I had just gotten a copy of Dominion that he was gracious enough to hold for me.

Those who know me know this purchase was a want and not a need. I still had the previous Age of Sigmar starter box at home virtually untouched. So why did I say yes? Simple, it makes me have to put them all together. Path to Glory at it’s core is an escalation style gaming system. As you play your army will grow by adding units over time. Why purchase newer one when I can get all of what I own put together and painted?

To start my force I needed a warlord. It had to be a strong dynamic model. It had to be over the top. It had be something no one expected. Of course, it had to be a kit bash or conversion! This model is meant to be me on the field of battle. It couldn’t be something stock that everyone else had. It had to be something of my own.

My force was going to be a Stormcast Eternal army. At first I thought about using the Vandus Hammerhand I already owned as a generic Lord-Celestant on a dracoth, but that was exactly the sort of thing I said I wanted to avoid. What else was going to catch my eye? It was the Lord-Aquilor. I didn’t want to buy another forty dollar model though. I had to figure something out. Something no one would expect. Then it hit me. I had almost everything I needed at home. I asked the gaming store to order the correct base and went home to gather my parts together.

Kaleb Giantsbane with his faithful canine Argo

Kaleb himself is pretty straight forward as far as kit bashing goes. The base model is the Vindicator from the Getting Started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar book. I love turning poses, so this would serve me well in the build. The left arm (his left not yours) is from the 40k Master of Executions. The power cable and pack have been removed and filed to be a simple rounded back axe head and shaft. The chaos detail from the arm brace was also removed. The right arm is from a Primaris Assault Intercessor. I cut the futuristic details off and remodeled the connection point with green stuff. It looks atrocious in the pictures, bu is actually quite smooth. I still need to remove that Imperial Aquila! Lastly, the head with that glorious mop top cut is from one of the old Blood Angels Space Marine kits. I don’t remember if it was the Death Guard or Tactical Squad.

I had decided that I would use a thunder wolf from the Space Wolves Thunder Wolf Cavalry for my Warlord’s companion and mount. I am even going as far as to fashion the painting to make it resemble my own canine companion. And yes, his name is Argo.


I added some Astra Militarum round packs to the rear of each side of the saddle after removing the canteens. I had some rope with a grenade in my bits box from an old Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles box. After trimming the grenade pin off I decided I’m going to paint this part to look like a rock. Great for climbing when you have to put the rope on something over your head. Think of it as the world’s most primitive grappling hook and you have the idea of what I’m going for. while digging in my bits I ran across a meat rack and knife from the Kroot Warriors kit. This would reinforce the traveled and trophy aspects I will put into my force.

That Dynamic Pose

Now we come to the posing. I had decided that Kaleb’s war band would be part of the Celestial Warbringers faction. These guys were warriors before they were forged into Stormcast. I had already achieved a custom look for both Kaleb and Argo, now I needed to put them on the base that a Lord-Aquilor would go on. Using some resin rocks from Hobby Lobby and green stuff I built a rocky outcropping that Argo would be using to jump over Kaleb to protect him from the threat they are facing. In the end, this was a very simple kit bash. It came together easily and came from things I already owned. What could be better?

There will be more updates as I get this war band built and painted. So stay tuned as I request reinforcements!

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