Community Building

Not Everyone is in Your Shoes

One night on shift a coworker asked me if I was a Warhammer player. I told him yes and went into the different games I play. As we talked about Age of Sigmar, 40k, Killteam, and INQ28 he would ask questions about the games and the starting investment. I noticed his brow furl a couple of times and asked why.

He really wanted to start 40k. We talked about play styles and army compositions. My friend was in the very early phases of getting into the game. His eyes widened as I explained horde armies and the expense of putting them together. I think it almost turned him off to the whole thing. It was then I just addressed the elephant in the room. What did he have in mind?

Grey Knights. I had him download Battlescribe and put together a few lists. After that we went to the GW site to put together pricing for what he had assembled. Naturally, it was a hefty price tag before adding rule books. He again looked a little like throwing in the towel.

At this point I told him he could play Killteam to build his collection. I had also given him the idea of getting into an escalation league to slowly build an army. He told me about his financial situation and expressed that getting into Killteam was probably his best option. I agreed. I sent him home from shift with my rulebook to get acquainted with the rules and to show his roommate who might also be starting a force.

Grey Knights Kill Team

When I got home I rummaged through my bits box to find that I could put together a Grey Knight kill team with just items from there. I was able to give several options including a heavy gunner with an incinerator.

I was not content with just the one force. If they are both a little light on money and I had such an abundance if assembled and unassembled models, surely I was able to to a little better.

I went through the compendium to find that standard chaos marines could have two fire teams in their kill team instead of the Grey Knights one fire team. Into the bits box I dove again. I took parts from the old and new chaos marines boxes, Khorne Berserkers box, and heads from the Chaos Raptors box to construct two fire teams.

Fire Team One

The first fire team saw the construction of three models. An Aspiring Champion would lead the Teams armed with a power fist and plasma pistol. One team member would be a heavy gunner with a missile launcher. The last would be a warrior with a chainsword and bolt pistol. I used heads other than Khorne Berserkers so that my friend could paint and lore the team any way he chose. The only linch pin in this is the Khorne symbols on the models. Then again, he’s always free to remove them.

Fire Team Two

The second team also consisted of three models. An icon beater was first built to show their allegiance. Another warrior armed as the first was added to the ranks. The last space was filled with a gunner. This gunner was armed with a flamer to have the band with a variety of weapons.

I wanted my friend to have the easiest time possible getting into the game. Painting was going to be done by him. I decided to take a little of the load of with grey primer.

Primed and Ready

Lastly I bought a small wooden box to put everything in. I included a tin of dice and a tape measure. Everything fit just right.

The Gift

Now my friend can get into the game for only the price of a rule book. He has two teams, a measuring device, and dice. To accompany this I have printed out the rosters for both teams from Battlescribe and included them in the package. Finally, all of his models and essentials could be held in one easy to store box.

I was happy to help my friend get into a hobby that he could hopefully thrive in. Though he had limited resources now, who knows what the future holds. If I look at this from my end on cost I would say that I am out less than five dollars. The models were extras I was not using at all. The same goes for the dice and tape. Th box was the only thing I had to buy and it was worth it.

Sometimes providing reinforcements can be a great way to help others. Until next time, keep the comms open and request reinforcements!

4 Replies to “Community Building”

    1. Thanks for the comments. You’re right, this one does cover a few things I did not want to be the highlight. The only reason I chose to include pics of the teams was to break up the wall of text. Inadvertently that also brought up what you could create from your own bin of nothingness. At heart the message is simple, help where you can. On the fringes, those are still some cool models!


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