Making the Best of a Situation

Painting Attempts 2022

I’ve never been really happy about the painting aspect of this hobby. I’ve seen everything on social media. I’ve had friends that can push out a high quality parade ready army in the time it took me to paint a poor battle ready standard. We won’t even get unto competitive painting. I’m sure you get the point here. Painting can be daunting to some, very daunting.

For me the task becomes more of a chore. My hands shake pretty well. Sometimes trying to hold them steady only makes things worse. It’s very frustrating to me. Which means I need to come to terms with it and do something to overcome it.

I found trying to paint models using the traditional method is only going to make me want to quit. All those layers coupled with highlighting and details inherent to today’s miniatures put a lot of pressure on me mentally. I want to have those cool miniatures you see in White Dwarf or Warhammer Community. Doing traditionally just is not in my level of capability. Thankfully, I found something that works for me.

First Attempt at Contrast Painting

Like most, I was skeptical about contrast paints. What could they have to offer? More importantly, how was I going to mess it up?

I have now painting a few miniatures using these paints. I am pleasantly surprised by what I can do with them, and it definitely shows in the growing quality of my painting.

Second Try at Contrast Paints

Don’t get me wrong. I am not by any means a professional or even a mid level moderate. I make lots of mistakes. However, I have been able to accomplish much more than ever before using these paints.

Latest Miniature Using Contrast Paints

In short, I knew that I hated to paint because if my shaky hands. Trying to do what others did only served to infuriate me. Once I started using contrast paints it allowed me to push past a ceiling my painting had previously halted at. I am now looking forward to pushing what I can do with them as well as just painting in general.

The moral of this tale is that if something is outside of your skill level find a way to work on that. Sometimes a short cut is in order. Sometimes it could be getting lessons to learn the skill. Persistence pays off, but only if you doit in a positive manner. Anything else is just waisting your time and making you miserable. Be happy and enjoy your hobby!

4 Replies to “Making the Best of a Situation”

  1. I’m glad Contrast paints are working for you, I recently used them on the Cursed City boxed set and they worked great for me too. Look forward to seeing your fourth Contrast model soon!


  2. They were a game-changer for me. I’ve never been happy with my painting. I’m still not delighted, but they’ve helped me produce decent-looking armies at a reasonable pace, which takes down a huge barrier that I’d had for a long time in the hobby. Thanks for sharing your experiences with contrasts and painting more generally.


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