The Automaton

Yul searched across the plain using his augmented cybernetic systems. His mechanical eyes surveying the terrain for enemies. He moved across the rocky outcrop from atop his mechanical steed. A glimmer from distance caught his attention. Zeroing in on the glimmer, a large object made itself known from the glimmer of glass and plume of dust. Yul turned his steed back toward the Rangers’ command vehicle. It was time to report his scouting mission.

Yul is a double homage to Yul Brenner. He was one of my father’s favorite actors. The double homage? Oh! Yul Brenner was not only one of the main cast members from the original Magnificent Seven, but also from the original Westworld. As such he hits this project not only as one of the seven cowboy conversions, but the only android in the ranks.

Yul, robotic scout

Yul’ steed was constructed per the instructions from the Serberys kit. Yul himself uses the rider body from the same kit as well as the raised rifle and pointing arms.

His head is a mash up using one of the hats from an Age of Sigmar Freeguild Handgunner. The bat was shaved from the handgunner head in order to attach it to it’s new wearer. The helmet from the Lord Imperatant from the Dominion boxset I had lying around was then shaven down at an angle with my hobby knife.

I attached the hat to the helmet. This gave a nice sense of motion to the model. The hat itself seems to be blown back from the wind as Yul rides his steed. It went perfect with the motion already established by the clothing of the rider and the sculpt of the steed.

I believe this model turned out nicely. Like the other conversions in this project the minimalist approach has given the finished product a nice look that is different from the original model regardless of how much of it was stock. For those just getting into converting and kit bashing I would highly encourage a project like this one to get your feet wet. Starting with a project like this one can give you the emerging skills to facilitate moving into more complex projects.

Yul is the last of the Badland Rangers. Next month brings a new project to the blog. Join me again to see what’s on the bench!

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